Business Intelligence

Beacon’s business intelligence activities could be divided in two main areas:

  • online and distance intelligence gathering
  • in-country and direct intelligence gathering
Assisting our clients we offer two approaches


Careful and proper planning, based on reliable and verifiable BI, is an excellent starting point to identify the best strategy for your business.
Beacon provides advisory services to strengthen your capability to plan and organize activities in the best possible way.
Beacon’s main tools are:
customized questionnaires
analysis and field studies
country analysis
analysis and risk management
identification of potential local partners through a dedicated DB
simulations of intervention
pre-feasibility studies


On the basis of indications obtained in the first stage, a first assessment mission is often the best way to verify the business potentiality.
Beacon will assist you druing short assessment missions, aimed to collect specific information towing the project fro planning to implementation.

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