Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear explosive

Disaster prevention and response team

Beacon’s CBRNe Team (CBRNeT) is focused on decontamination, planning and resilience activities.

Beacon’s CBRNeT are normally composed by CBRNe trained officers, an emergency management and command unit. Specialists (Medical Doctor, Nurses, Engineers..) could be included, according to the need.

Beacon’s activities in CBRNe sector are different, mainly focused on planning, prevention / preparedness and training, other than operations, and are including:

support to Disaster Management Authorities to plan and cope with CBRNe threats (environmental situation, urban multi-risk planning, mass gathering management and count terrorism preparedness activities)

training to Emergency Medical System personnel and hospitals’ ER (R&A) units to use protective garments and equipment and to cope with CBRNe mass casualties events

training of CBRNe-related industries employees and industrial emergency planning