Crisis Management Unit

When a disaster or a crisis strikes, there is a clear need for immediate action, in order to guarantee the maximum effort to save lives, livelihoods, communities.
But when there are no disasters, no emergencies ongoing, this need is less feasible, it is subtle, often imperceptible.

The most of the Crisis and Emergency Management activity is not completely perceived: prevision and prevention are the key element to succeed, and Beacon is in the front line.

Beacon’s Crisis Management Unit is specialised in three emergency management areas:

  • Emergency Operation Center management and Emergency Command & Control Systems
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and explosive threats
  • Disaster Risk Reduction

The Unit, under the direct coordination of the CEO of the Company, is a unique elements among the Italian business panorama. Its competences are useful for small & medium enterprises, big companies other than public bodies and authorities or not for profit organizations.


Beacon’s activities are various, from environmental data analysis to scenario development, even through common or new-built apps and softwares. Cooperation with research institutes, other than coordinating bodies is fundamental, in Beacon’s vision


Planning, definition of proper actions to reduce or manage the risk, mitigation thanks to our engineering partners and preparedness: with proper training to responders, volunteers and support organizations. In a concept: strengthening of communities resilience. That is what Beacon do best.


Beacon’s CMU is able to provide Rapid Assessment and 3C (command, control and communications) teams in 18 hours or less, depending of the agreement. As better specified here, also CBRNE coordination teams could be deployed on need-to-operate basis.

Long term deployment

Beacon has the possibility to support long term emergencies and humanitarian crisis deploying staff and assets for long term deployments.

However our policy is to prefer to handover activities in favour of local organizations and staff, when possible, after short time (1-4 months). This to keep operations highly sustainable.

The normal deployment time for Beacon’s CMU is 1 to 4 months (or less) in response phase, and 6 months for DRR projects. This policy is mainly aimed to reduce costs and maximize the efforts of our activities.

Crisis Management Teams

Assessment, Coordination, Operations

In case of needs or for resilience purposes, Beacon has the possibility to deploy different CMTs or Advisors.

Those assets will be available on call or based on pre-planned agreement.

Beacon provides high quality services match high quality professionals to each project.

Beacon adopts a “team approach” instead of a “single resource approach”. It means that every advisor or unit is deployed, it is not acting alone, but is working as part of a more sophisticated and related network, able to provide 24/7 support.

If you request as an advisor, you will not only take benefit from her or his work, but from the whole CMT behind this resource.

In addition to our core staff in Milan and London, we rely on an extensive network of top-notch emergency, humanitarian and business professionals with years of experience to fill our teams.

They bring prevision, prevention & preparedness, response, recovery, development skills and abilities according to your needs.

If your business deals with crisis or disaster affected area, or you need support to cope with potential risks and threats, Beacon has the right services for you:

  • facilities and country evacuation management
  • organization and management of MEDEVAC
  • 24/7 Emergency Operation Center, on call
  • camp and site management

Crisis and disaster response team available as multidisciplinary, mono-disciplinary or generalist units, in the following sectors:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Coordination
  • Health
  • Humanitarian Security
  • Logistics
  • WASH
  • Cash Learning Programs
  • Early Recovery

Program and project management, for development and response activities, with expertise in the following areas:

  • project monitoring, reporting and evaluation
  • project / program management
  • organizational development of health structures (health centers, hospitals, ambulance services)
  • health campaigns
  • volunteer management
  • local NGO management and development programs

We offer Advisors or response teams deployable in case of crisis or disaster, or for prevention purposes

  • training and exercise management
  • contingency planning (e.g. natural or man-made disasters, civil unrests, electoral periods…)
  • emergency operation centers design / establishment / coordination
  • command and control teams
  • field assessment
  • policy and disaster response law development
  • EU funded project management / call participation…
  • CBRNe