Business Advisory service

Beacon offers, a dense network of economic and institutional operators and a wide number of services and products tailored to customer needs, to support business development processes in-country and overseas.
You will be followed step by step in a pre-planned process based on your needs.

How we work

Analysis of the country, acquisition of the business idea and definition of achievable goals. This creates a business matrix, adaptable to different contexts
Risk analysis and mitigation plans, in depth market assessments, are just some of the elements that make it possible to reach the definition of a business plan and a full Country Strategy, as well as the business model to be applied
Funding research is, increasingly, an essential component. It can be carried out according to the traditional channels (bank loans, investors) or through concessional finance, business angels…
This is the operational phase: foreign missions, acquisitions, investments, opening of new facilities… Beacon follows areas of security, safety, local management and acquisition of contacts in the destination country,  growth or marketing of products
According to the indicators defined, it is important to understand, over time, what goals have been achieved, which are approaching, which outputs has been product and which will be produced.
  • Ideation
  • Formulation
  • Financing
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and Rating

Beacon gave me the possibility to go abroad at the right time, in the right way, at the right price and in the right place

Barbara C.


the real heart of business
In countries where it operates, Beacon is able to provide a complete operational support: legal assistance general or specific, incorporation of companies on site, compliance with local authorities, logistics, procurement of means, men, materials, implementation of sales networks, contacts with local distributors, business service base, reporting and evaluation.
Services scouting, exploration and pathfinding to prepare companies for new business experiences in foreign markets
Turnkey business solutions to invest in new countries, open build new partnerships and joint ventures
Export management, marketing, organization of sales networks or support for existing networks, business partners scouting and sales services

What you get


  • Business development advices
  • Introduction to foreign markets
  • Set up of commercial networks
  • Participation to fairs and exhibitions
  • Risk management