Social Impact Investing

Not only donate but invest to improve society, in order to increase the impact and maximise results. The Social Impact Investing could be defined as the action to investĀ in organizations aimingĀ the the generation of a measurable social impact, in addition to a financial return

Philanthropy vs Social Impact Investing in a CSR perspective

Classic CSR (corporate social responsibility) action usually points to donate to people / charities performing activities beneficial to the territory.
Expanding CSR actions with Social Impact Investing brings the entrepreneur to promote the growth of the target area:

  • with actions and projects sustainable and scalable
  • with a return on investment that could be used for business or social growth
  • defining indicators and predefined results according to the entrepreneur strategy

What we do

we act to maximize the impact of the investment

  • identify evaluation criteria
  • define indicators based on the proposed objectives
  • evaluate the impact using pre-defined criteria and indicators

The process

  • Once defined the CSR strategy, objectives have to be identified
  • Identification of the indicators
  • Ex-ante companies' social impact assessment
  • Implementation of the investment project
  • mid-term and final social impact's evaluation of both the company and the implemented project