Training and Learning Programmes

Beacon is well-respected for its training courses, but that’s not all. Beacon’s vision is that the real impact of training requires complete learning programmes.

When we work with our clients to provide advisory services, we base it on our extensive experience of providing this type of service, both in the UK and globally: the aim is to give full sustainability and autonomy to our client.

Tailor made training

For organizations with specialist needs or limited time, our Tailor-made Training Service is the most effective way to meet your objectives.

Tailor-made learning programmes are based on clients needs, and could be mission-specific, situation-specific, mono-thematic…

Is it possible to organize tailor-made training in Europe or overseas, according to our client need.

If you are interested to know more about tailor-made learning programmes, please contact us

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Exercise management

Beacon has the capability to plan and implement your emergency management or civil contingency exercise and exercise program.

Our main assets are:

  • dynamic management of scenarios and injections, with full adaption of the situation to the trainees choices
  • possibility to deploy observers, evaluators, EXCON (exercise control) in-country or overseas
  • possibility to establish virtual EXCON and virtual OSOCC

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Training courses

Our thematic areas

Coordination and Command

  • Incident Command System
  • Cluster and inter-cluster coordination
  • AUGUSTUS system and functions (Italy)
  • DV100 system and organization (mitteleurope)
  • UK civil contingencies command and coordination

Humanitarian Security

  • Humanitarian actors HEAT (Hostile Environment Awarness Training)
  • Security management and planning


  • Camp management (civil protection)
  • Camp management (humanitarian)
  • Mass gathering and events emergency management
  • CBRNE decontamination management
  • CBRNE use of personal protective equipment
  • CBRNE scenario approach


  • WASH basic training
  • WASH advanced
  • Sphere Standards

Project Management

  • Accountability
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Needs Assessment

Soft skills

  • Leadership
  • Training of Trainers

2016 training courses

the courses program will be published on Monday 1st February 2016

Stay tuned, important news are coming… and an e.learning platform will be implemented soon